Old Fort Mac Days Tech Sketch Photoshop Action

Buffalo Soldier

Bugle Boy on Horse

Two Ladies

Staff Car

Japanese Soldier & Flag

Abe Lincoln

Soldier Viet Nam Era

Soldier at Fort Mac Museum

Soldier At Ease

Skinny Billy the Kid

Roman Legion Officer

Navy Couple

Bugle Boy

Russian Sailor

Proud Californio

US Sailor (he's an Air Force Vet)

Queen Isabella

Not Pancho Villia

Twin Army Officers

Skinny Billy the Kid Posing

Tired Red Coat


Lady of the South

Marine Photographer

LAPD Vintage Cop

Mustache Soldier Close Up

Mustache Soldier Standing

Medieval Gunner Boy

1920s Guy

Billy the Kid

Buffalo Soldier & Troop Flag

Dutch or Spanish Gentleman

Vintage Couple

Chevy Truck

Italian Medieval Drummer

Ladies Three in Sunday Best

Bugle Boy and Bugle

Japanese Officer

Ladies of the Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldier and Kit

Kilt Boy

Billy the Kid Version 2

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