Photoshop / Animation Projects

Used a photo a friend posted on his Instagram page to make composites. Background images are from Adobe Stock.

LA Warrior School
Tom Color Pen Action
Bugle Boy in Watercolor
Vanity Stamps
Cuties in a Snow Globe
Determined Mike
An Angry Red Planet
Warrior Brandon
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Iron Jim Isaac
Isaac Photos
The Herreras
Man vs. Dragon
Jim Isaac Shoe Brand
Javier 240dpi ORIG Color Added Back
Javier Portal 01
My Manhole Cover
Javier Sportswear Billboard 2
Ata ORIG Color
RAFA Vanity Plate
Tom's Close Up
Attorney Steph
Turning Friends Into Beasts
Tom Through Broken Glass
Javier Runs Again
Pilots 2 Warbirds
Golden Swirl
Photo by model. Adobe Stock bg.
Javier Good Shadow AdobeStock_36571233 A
Blue Hat Boy 04 Color
Javier Sportswear Billboard 1
Jim's Restaurant & Bar
Angela in Color
Javier Hoodie
Torn Paper Image
Chrome Brush 2462
Javier Portal CIRCLE 01
Inside Every Digital Camera
Frequency Separation Retouch
Speedy Javier vs Locomotive
Javier Color Pen
JIP blue yellow blue
Hailey and Kassidy TechSket Color
JIP 1 Blue
SS Lane Victory Composite
Eye Enhancement
Javier Good Shadow Excerise Bike AdobeSt
WANTED Billy the Kids 01
Mike Amber Hailey Kassidy Color
Removal of unwanted objects.
Jim Isaac Blue Neon Slanted
Flame Red
Javier Fist Animation
3 Mexican Dancers
What Comes Out of Our Mouths
Dog Beach Surfer and Ocean 01 Color
Javier Portal YELLOW Movie Poster  CIRCL